Caroline Cranshaw

Specialising in Anxiety, Addictions Confidence, Health Issues, Phobias Trauma, Productivity, Public Speaking, Sleep, Relationship & Sexual Issues, Weight Loss & VGB

Daryl Gove

Specialising in Children's Anxiety

Family Issues, Auto-Immune, Pain Management, IBS, Health Issues, Medical Hypnotherapy, Phobias, Sleep, Relationship & Sexual Issues

We can help you with:

  • Anxiety (adults & children)

  • Focus and Motivation

  • Biting Nails & Hair Pulling

  • Confidence & Public Speaking

  • Business, Health and Life Coaching

  • Sex, Dating and Relationship issues

  • Overcoming Health Issues and Pain

  • Sports Performance and Psychology

  • Training in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

  • Quitting Smoking, Stopping or Reducing Alcohol

  • VGB - The Virtual Gastric Band and Weight Loss

  • Fears and Phobias (Driving, Flying, Needles & Vomiting)

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Contact Info:
Mind Body Health
Level 2 Office B7/261 Morrin Road
St Johns, Auckland 1072
64 274 544 220