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Find Us Here:

Park City Building


Gate 1 

261 Morrin Road

Level 2 Office B7

St Johns, Auckland

New Zealand 1072​

Phone 027 454 4220

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HMB Parking allocation.jpg

 Free customer parking

Enter Gate 1, Park City and take a left into the parking lot and turn right into the fourth row.


You can park for free in the last six spots in the row.

Though the main entrance, with Axis and Radiology to the left on the ground floor, then either take the elevator to Level 2 and turn right and walk 50m straight ahead towards Aurora Cafe.


Or use the stairs and once at the top of the stairs walk 50m straight ahead towards Aurora Cafe.

Aerial View of Building.jpg

We are to the right of the Cafe, next to the stairs. 


Please come in and wait quietly in our reception area until we call on you, as we may be with other clients.

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