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It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the right course to take and who to train with.


If you are like us, you only want to train with the best and get the education that will teach you to be the best possible therapist you can be.

You don’t have to go to university and spend a fortune to become a great therapist.


Through this course, you will learn the most effective cutting-edge therapy techniques there are - and in a fraction of the time and money it takes to go the traditional route through university.

An obsessive learner, Caroline took every course she could find on a mission to learn the most effective therapeutic techniques around.


After over 13 years of full-time practice and working with thousands of people, she learned through trial and error which techniques actually work.


IHI - The Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute was started by Caroline Cranshaw after client after client asked her why she wasn't teaching hypnotherapy.


Like Caroline, many of her clients were inspired to train in hypnotherapy after their own transformation due to their hypnotherapy sessions.


Caroline would happily recommend other schools but her clients were disappointed that they were not being taught the techniques that Caroline had used on them.


A convincing client talked her into starting a school and mentioned she should do what ever it took to get top hypnotherapy trainer Daryl Gove.


As she explained it, it was selfish of Caroline to not start a school which could help so many people. (Damn reverse psychology!) To Caroline's surprise, Daryl contacted her a few months later and they have working together ever since.

She with the support of her partner, Grant Bodle and top hypnotherapy trainer Daryl Gove, they have now created a course that combines everything they have learned on their journeys as a therapists while cutting out the fluff.

Daryl, Caroline and Grant now run and teach the most comprehensive hypnotherapy course in Auckland, New Zealand and soon to be online worldwide.

This course will also give you personalized support and encouragement to be successful in your vision and endeavors whether that be starting your own business, continued training for your existing practice or using the techniques in your personal life. Our goal with this course is to make your learning journey interesting, fun and inspiring.

Removing the unnecessary fillers that other courses tend to teach, leaving you with only the techniques that are going to help you be the best therapist possible as well as the tools to set up a successful business straight away.


Click below to find out more about our upcoming courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Health & Life Coaching and NLP in Auckland, New Zealand and online.

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